Starlettos are the perfect addition to any stiletto or heeled boot, adding protection, grip, and stability on soft ground.



Business and Patent Strategy

Concept Development

Product Design



Material Selection






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The Objective

Develop a set of heel protectors to suit stiletto shoes. These are to complement the high fashion shoes available in this category while providing a fully functional protector that also spreads the point force of the heel and therefore aids in stopping it from sinking into softer substrates or damaging timber floors and the like. Added to this there should be a level of grip afforded by the protectors so as to at least match the grip provided by the original heels.


The Solution

A design was conceived that employs a rigid base to withstand the high point loads asserted by the thin heels and also provides the substrate to retain the more compliant upper section.


The upper section has just the right blend of compliance and strength to be able to hug the heel of the stiletto and keep it on the shoe, while accommodating a variety of heel diameters.


The design solves all of the requirements of the heel protector using an optimized balance of variables in the shape itself and in the precise combination of rigidity, pliability and clarity in the material selection.

The patent is based around the mechanical action of the lobes upon the heel giving the strength and grip to remain attached to the heel.

This project was highly successful and used Amazon as it's direct retail portal.  It also featured on numerous occasions in the Oscars Bag for the celebrities.