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Carry Clear

A clear laptop carry case for easy airport security checks.


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Carry Clear



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The Objective

Design a clear carry case suitable for carrying a laptop when travelling.  The case should be able to adapt so that it suits a number of laptop sizes and include a method of protecting the relatively fragile contents.   It should allow the vast majority of the laptop to be seen while inside the case so that it doesn't need to be removed when passing through security, be easy to open and withstand the rigors of international travel.

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The Solution

An entirely clear case was designed that has soft and adjustable inserts to support and protect the laptop if it is dropped or bumped.  The inserts were placed outboard on the case so as to expose the greatest amount of the laptop for clear visibility by airport security staff.

The laptop supports act as bump stops and were graduated and flexible to allow laptops of differing dimensions and depth to be accommodated. 


The material specified was water-clear polycarbonate due to its clarity and impact resistance. The handle was integrated into the case and had simple and ergonomically balanced snap locks to keep it securely closed. The hinge was oversized for further impact resistance and also to allow cable entry so the laptop can be used while in the open case. 

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