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01 Initial Consultation

An initial meeting is held to translate as much information to the Designer as possible about the project, its requirements and the needs of the Client. The more information the Designer can glean from this meeting the better as this information will factor heavily in the thought experimentation process that the Designer will use in developing the project from this point on. In this meeting the Client will also be taken through previously undertaken projects so that they have a clear expectation of what to expect throughout their own project.

Although F3 is very conscientious about protecting a clients Invention you may feel more comfortable with an official document in place before you disclose your ideas. These can be purchased from a Lawyer or by using the form generator located on the IP Australia site. This program helps you to develop your own Confidentiality Agreement and is free to download and use for any conversations you may have with Manufacturers, Distributors or any other situation where you would like to protect your concept.

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