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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I come to you with just an idea or a problem for you to solve?
You sure can.  Many of the projects we develop start that way.  The Principle Designer at F3 is one of the only professional Inventors in the world and has Invented the solutions for many of the projects shown on the site, and many more we chose not to put up on the site to protect the Intellectual Property of the Clients. 

Will my Intellectual Property be safe when I speak to F3 about my ideas?

F3 is very protective about peoples Intellectual Property.  We develop our own products and understand better than most how precious peoples ideas are and how much time and energy goes into developing an idea or Invention.  We are happy to sign most Non Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements and even have these documents on hand if you don't have your own.  You can also find an NDA Generator on line here NDA Generator.  All of our suppliers are also tied into Non Disclosure Agreements that cover any project we bring to them and we are happy to implement designated NDA's for individual projects.

Why would I use F3 Industrial Design over another Industrial Design consultancy?
We are very Inventive and having an Inventive solution allows you a very high level of protection all around the world.  Having an Inventor as the Principle Designer provides a lot of benefit to the Client as Patent Protection eliminates your competition and gives you the best opportunity to successfully commercialize your product.  Being an Inventor means the Principles knowledge of the patent process and his unique strategies to best capitalize on and cost effectively manage the patent system is incredibly important in a product development project.  If you look at the projects listed on this site you will see that they all have a very unique Inventive Step and they all have very powerful patents associated with them.  This gives the developer a very powerful advantage over the competition.  

We are also very knowledgeable in all fields of prototyping, materials selection and manufacturing.  This in depth knowledge allows projects to run seamlessly from start to finish.

What type of projects do you do?
We have undertaken all manner of projects, ranging from Stiletto Heel covers (Starletto) to underground mining equipment (For Western Advance).  We offer an initial consultation where we evaluate the project, including the patent situation and business strategy and if we determine that we are not the best option for the project we will refer you on to someone in our network we feel is more suited.

How much will it cost to do my project?
Every project is different so the cost of each project varies accordingly.  In general we will take a look at your project and unless it is a purely research based project, then we try to estimate the time that will be involved in completing the project and estimate a cost from there.  It is very rare that we vary from that estimation and always do whatever we can to meet the budget.

Can I use you if I'm interstate?

We have many remote clients and although it is better to be local it doesn't change the outcomes of projects just because the client is remote.  We are very good at asking the right questions of you so that a video conference or simple voice call will allow us to gather the information we need from you and our processes are completely transparent and you will always get to see and critique every stage before signing off and going to the next stage.  All submissions can be shared electronically with date transfer files and prototypes can be shipped out ready for you to do your testing with.

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