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Wall Web

A tool that allows the easy back filling of breaches in plasterboard walls and supports the plaster used to repair the damage and fair the wall.


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The Objective

Produce a consumer based product capable of quickly and easily back bracing a hole in a plasterboard wall so that a repair can be made using conventional methods.  The resulting product must be adjustable to allow for variations in the depth of wall cavities and provide a method of applying a back pressure to the inside of the wall so as to support the repair process.  The product must also have a method of retaining and mechanically bonding the plaster used to repair the breach so that when it sets it leaves the wall uncompromised.

The Solution

An flexible web was fixed to expandable arms that expand and contract as a sleeve is drawn up or pushed down a central column.  This allows the Wall Web to be packed down in a compact fashion so it can be inserted into the hole in the plasterboard.

A central finger pull then allows the user to expand the web within the wall cavity and create the back bracing behind the hole.  A screwdriver is then used to wind a central foot down into the wall cavity and push against the rear wall, applying pressure to the webbing against the hole and allowing the repair to be completed.

The screw that applies this back pressure and adjusts the Wall Web to fit different cavity depths has spring loaded teeth retaining it.  This allows the Wall Web to collapse under the force of a secondary hole strike and stops damage to the rear wall structure.

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