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The 1000 Volt Rated Multitool is a First to World product and for the first time ever offers Electricians the convenience of a multi tool with the industry standard protection of 1000 Volt insulation.  It is a very valuable addition to any Electricians tool kit and is especially useful for work in confined spaces or in overhead work where the single product can be tethered to protect workers below.


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Rated Pty Ltd


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The Objective

Produce a 1000 Volt Rated Multi Tool for use in the Electrical Industry.  The tool should comply with all relevant safety standards and satisfy the needs of the industry by being compact and easy to use.  A combination of Screw Driver types and head combinations was necessary and the option to swap these out to suit different aspects of electrical work was seen as beneficial (i.e. domestic, commercial and HVAC work)

The Solution

The final product combined the teachings of a number of International Safety Standards and combined differing manufacturing methods into a single, Insulated Multi Tool with the ability to house four folding tools into the handle and combine these with a variety of head choices to suit the industry it is intended for.

The formed an economical and highly functional tool for many electrical industries including domestic, commercial, industrial and HVAC sectors.

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