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Rail Bladder

An collapsible bladder system to be used in reclaiming the unused cartage volume of rail carriages on their return to mines after dropping their cargo at the port.  

Mines use enormous volumes of Diesel in producing ore, coal and other minerals.  This diesel is currently delivered by designated rail or road transport methods.  The Rail Bladder replaces this wasteful practice by allowing diesel to be carted back to the mine in the otherwise empty rail cars used to carry the cargo to the docks in the first place.  The Rail Bladders are collapsible so that they can sit on top of the cargo and therefore be returned to the port for re-filling on the same train.  


Market and Product Research

Develop Business Strategy

Develop Patent Strategy

Invent Current form of Bladder

Concept Development

CAD and Engineering

Video Production

Commercialization Assistance


Fortinbras Results Pty Ltd



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The Objective

Conceptualize a collapsible bladder capable of carrying diesel within an existing rail carriage while it is empty (on its way back to the mine).  This same bladder must also collapse so that it can be carried back to the port on a full carriage without disruption.

The bladder must be designed to load and unload while the train is still mobile so the process of loading and unloading the fuel doesn't disrupt the general flow of the train deliveries or pick-ups.

The Solution

The final product utilized a modified fuel bladder system used in the aeronautical industry and suspended it below a chassis designed to be a common fit to rail carriages, stands and lifting equipment all employed in the handling and cartage of the bladder. 


Auto lock and release mechanisms were designed for hands free loading and unloading and a manual retraction system was developed in order to retract the bladder back up under the chassis to reduce the profile when the bladder was being returned to the post for re-filling.

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