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Sterimist is a sterilizing system designed specifically but not exclusively for sterilizing shopping trollies and baskets.  Bacteria and disease are able to establish on the handles and wire mesh of shopping trollies because they are used constantly and repetitively by so many different people every day for weeks on end without a clean.  This bacteria and disease can transfer to users and food stocks within the shopping complex and cause sickness to spread throughout the community.

The Sterimist sterilizing unit fits within the confines of the trolley bay and requires only water and power to operate.  It receives the trolleys as they return to the trolley station and runs a ten minute sterilization cycle to eliminate any bacteria on the trolley.  This process is highly visible and reassures the customer that the trolley has been sterilized when they see the fog completely enveloping the trolley through a clear window in the housing.


Market and Product Research

Develop Business Strategy

Develop Patent Strategy

Invent Sterilizing Process

Concept Development

CAD and Engineering

Prototyping and Testing

Materials Selection

Video Production

Commercialization Assistance


Sterimist Pty Ltd




The Objective

Develop a system of sterilizing shopping trolleys in situ and with minimal interruption to general trading conditions as they stand.  The product must be robust, easy to install, fit within existing structures and use only resources that exist on site. It must also have a quick cleaning cycle, be safe to the public and users and not damage the trolleys and shopping baskets.

The Solution

The final solution employed a proven method of sterilization that induces ultra fine droplets of a sterilizing compound via ultrasonic vibration.  This coats every surface of the trolley to destroy all bacteria while leaving the trolley dry to the touch.

The droplets are so microscopic that they basically dry instantly and therefore there is no drainage required in the unit aside from to drain the unit when it is cleaned with water.

The unit is designed to be flat packed so it is easy to store and ship to site.  It is also very easy to install and takes u a very small footprint in the center while also only requiring minimal drainage and connects via a simple mains input.

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