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Dog & Bone

A first to world  waterproof mobile phone case that can protect a phone from water ingress to IP 66 level but has no membrane covering the screen.  Previous water proof phone cases used a membrane to seal around the screen but this was easily scratched and quickly became hard to see through.  It also reduced the sensitivity of the screen and was prone to fogging up with temperature changes if there was any moisture within the case at all.  The membrane free option solved all of these problems.


Market and Product Research

Patent Research

Develop Patent Strategy

Invent Case and Sealing System

Concept Development

CAD and Engineering

Prototyping and Testing

Materials Selection


Dog & Bone Pty Ltd



The Objective

Invent, Develop and Manufacture a waterproof mobile phone case that seales the phone to IP66 level but does not rely on a membrane to seal across the screen, thus leaving the screen completely free and accessible to the user.  The case must have access ports for the microphone and charge point and sealed volume adjustment and on off buttons.  

It was critical that the case was as thin as possible while still remaining robust and waterproof up to ten meters.

The Solution

The solution was a highly effective sealing system that maintained clear access to the front screen.  An internal membrane encased the phone and used the rigid flat surfaces of the phone as sealing surfaces when sandwiched between the front and back rigid cases.

The on/off, volume and mute buttons were enclosed within the membrane and waterproof latches sealed the charging and microphone ports and the overall increase in size when the case was fitted was minimal. 

This was a first to world Invention that changed the waterproof phone case industry to the point where membranes are no longer acceptable.

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