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A surgical membrane, designed to assist Surgeon's in theatre by protecting vital organs while performing Laparoscopic Surgery.  The membrane is tear and heat resistant and also provides a thermal barrier due to it's unique profile.  The challenge was to develop such a membrane that could also be applied and removed through a 12mm Trocar.


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Seabas Enterprises




The Objective

Produce a thin, flexible and highly resistive membrane that allows Surgeons to operate safely while performing Laparoscopic Surgery.  The membrane required an applicator that could insert the membrane into the abdomen via a standard 12mm Trocar while maintaining pneumatic pressures within the cavity.  The membrane required tear and cut resistant properties to protect organs from sharp instruments.  It also needed to be thermally and electrically insulative to stop accidental burns or cuts from the Laparoscopic Instruments on vulnerable, local organs that were not being removed.

The Solution

A thin yet highly resistive membrane with a unique dimple design that essentially tripled the thickness of the membrane to induce the thermal protection required while still keeping the cross section thin enough that it could be fitted through a standard 12mm Trocar.

The applicator was designed to encapsulate the membrane while stored and insert it through the Trocar once required.  A two dimensional tether was also fitted so the membrane was always visible external to the patient for safety reasons and so that the membrane could be removed post operation. 

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