A superior leak proof, stainless steel, insulated drink bottle.  Designed to keep your drinks cool and fresh all day without leaving condensation on your desk or leaking into your bag.


Market, Product and Patent Research

Direct the Manufacture of a Leak Proof Valve Specifically for a Rigid Bottle

Concept Development

Product Design



Materials Selection





Libby Versace



The Objective

Produce a two part capping system to suit an existing, dual walled, stainless steel drinking bottle. The two parts will consist of a cap, which is to incorporate a leak proof valve and a lid to cover the mouthpiece (for reasons of hygiene) and also to finish the aesthetic so it compliments the existing bottle.

The Solution

The final capping system has a form that follows the exterior lines of the existing bottle and results in a seamless appeal and integrates perfectly to create a highly functional, customized product.  


The lid utilizes a propriety non-drip valve to stop leakage and the cap has a quick fit locking mechanism to make fitting and removal quick and easy.


The mouthpiece has a soft touch material moulded over it so drinking from the bottle is a pleasure.

Coupled with accessories and a large range of sizes and colour schemes the ECOCOCOON Bottles have the perfect option for everyone.