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Exterior T5 Luminaire

High quality T5 luminaire.



Concept Development

CAD and Engineering




MRP and Assembly 

Quality Control


Intralux Australia


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The Objective

Produce an entirely Australian made luminaire to house the latest fluorescent lamp technology. The main objectives were to produce a robust exterior fitting that was able to overcome the issues related to sealing a product of this length (a common issue in linear luminaires of the time).  This all had to be done while making the product efficient enough in its design that it was viable to manufacture in Australia.

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The Solution

Until this fitting was Invented, most luminaires of this nature were sealed along their length between the aluminium body and the lens. The differing coefficients of expansion made this seal vulnerable and they quite often failed.


To overcome this issue a tubular lens was employed that was sealed on its ends. This was made possible due to the newly developed electronic control gear used to drive the lamp.  Prior to this a fully enclosed fitting would overheat and I took advantage of this new technology to create this fitting and in the process Invent the "Short Seal" technology many luminaire manufacturers use today in linear fittings.


The designs efficiency and assembly processes were refined to eliminate labor and components. The luminaires reflector doubles as a gear tray and the entire product is held together with only four screws and four rivets.

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