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Re-designing the way a hydrobath is made.


Patent Strategy

Product and Market Research

Concept Development

Product Design

CAD and Engineering



Materials Selection





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The Objective

Develop a new Hydrobath (pet bath) that overcomes many of the problems of current solutions. In particular solving manufacturing, assembly, safety, efficiency and shipping issues as well as addressing the aesthetics, durability and general function of the product.

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The Solution

The manufacturing, shipping and storage issues were addressed by separating the base from the tub.  This allowed the shells of both to be stacked and therefore consume much less volume when being stored or transported.

Functionality was improved with the inclusion of a pneumatic on/off switch that was top mounted on the console making it safe and convenient to operate the bath.

A quick connect shower rose was also added to allow the ability to easily swap between fine and course spray shower heads.

A curved door seal was designed that allowed the seal to be fixed to the door, which in turn creates a far better water barrier and dryer environment for the user.

A large top mounted filter with rigid mounting ring was included for ease of assembly and easy and hygienic cleaning of the filter.

A bottom mounted water pickup and quick water transfer system coupled with large water tanks provided the ability to wash a pet in a continuous flow of warm water at high pressure, using as little as only 7 liters (10% of competitors).

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