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Interior T5 Luminaire

T5 Interior cove luminaire that delivers seamless and highly efficient output.



Concept Development

CAD and Engineering




MRP and Assembly 

Quality Control


Intralux Australia


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The Objective

Produce a quality T5 cove luminaire that delivers seamless and highly efficient output with a design that reduces labor content to a point that allows it to be manufactured completely within Australia. The aesthetics are to be extremely clean and not interrupted by any screws or rivets.  Highly efficient light spill was essential.

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The Solution

The objectives of achieving maximum output and a seamless spread were accomplished via a unique reflector design and a dovetail endcap. The reflector was developed using specialized ray analysis software and produced outputs that were well above the current industry standard.


The dovetail endcaps allowed each fitting to overlap the other in a way that allowed a seamless output so no light gaps were visible on the ceilings of the sophisticated interiors this luminaire was designed for such as the Marriott Hotel and the Birj Khalifa where they feature prominently as their choice of cove lighting.


In order to ensure the product could be produced within Australia efficiently, all components were either designed to snap together or be held in place with a custom designed clip system.  This meant there were no visible fasteners on the luminaire and labor content was kept to a minimum.

A custom assembly plant was designed by F3 to further ensure labor times were kept to a minimum.

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