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Isolating Electrode Holder

An Electrode holder that isolates the welding rod whilst being fitted for use.


Market, Product and Patent Research

Business and Patent Strategy

Invent Locking and Release Mechanism

Concept Development

Product Design

CAD and Engineering


Materials Selection




Iso Lok



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The Objective

Produce an electrode holder that is easy to use, cost effective to produce and has a safety aspect that isolates the electrode (welding rod) while it is being fitted to the electrode holder for use.

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The Solution

An efficient and ergonomic handset was developed that satisfied all of the requirements set out in the brief.


A safety mechanism was invented by F3 that locked the handle and stopped the user from being able to insert an electrode until the lock was released. 


When the lock is released the electrical contact is broken to the head and the handle can open the jaws to receive the electrode without any current being present, thus protecting the user from electrocution.

Upon releasing the spring loaded handle the electrode becomes secured and then current is re-applied once the locking mechanism is secured again.

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