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A Dog Collar that is able to easily adjust to allow the perfect fit.


Patent Strategy

Invent Twin Cam Mechanism

Concept Development

Product Design

CAD and Engineering

Prototyping and Testing

Materials Selection






The Objective

Develop a Dog Collar that is able to easily adjust to allow the perfect fit around the animals neck.  The resulting product was to be robust and have a high breaking strain to suit the strongest of dogs.

The Solution

A cam and ratchet system was utilised to allow for infinite settings without the need for a "pin in hole" locking arrangement seen on existing collars and belts. 


As existing cam systems only allow for one way operation and could have caused a choking hazard on dogs, a new Bi-Cam technology was required.  This was Invented for the client by F3 and is seen as a 100 year change technology in the collar, belt and ratchet industries. 


The resulting product was built around this new ratchet system in a streamlined and easy to use solution, which allows the collar to be accurately fitted to the pets neck at the push of a button, has an easy fit guide for the strap, is robust and locks securely around the dogs neck with a double action Bi-Cam ratchet.

The technology was granted a full patent based on the twin cam technology that F3 Invented.

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