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Lawn Edger

Manual lawn edger with Ergonomic benefits.



Concept Development

CAD and Engineering






Inhouse Project



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The Objective

Produce a lawn edger that provides a low energy option to manual lawn edging. Existing solutions require a lot of power from a users arms in order to operate them, making them most suited to fit and strong individuals. This edger was to be designed to use the larger muscle groups so the majority of the population can easily operate it.

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The Solution

For ease of use the product has been developed to be used in reverse. This means that the major muscle groups around the back, legs and thighs are utilized rather than relying on the comparatively weak arm muscles. The user walks backwards and trims the edge in a scissor action.

The blade was designed specifically to act in a sheering action between the concrete edging of footpaths and the like so that the grass was cut as if by scissors.  This was found to be highly effective and left a defined and desirable edge.

A range of heads were developed to compliment the edging tool and included a pruning saw, a weeder and a blade that allowed users to remove grass that had grown up through cracks in cement paths.

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