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LED Downlight

High grade lighting.


Product Design

CAD and Engineering




John Davis


Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 12.25.31 pm.png

The Objective

Develop housings for 26 and 40 Watt LED down lights.  The fittings needed to have a level of adjustability to accommodate a number of different lenses available for each downlight.  The design also needed to account for the heat generated by the state of the art LED lamps used in these luminaires.

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 12.28.08 pm.png

The Solution

A design was developed that allowed the 26 Watt faceplate to be rotated about the chassis and an angled guide was used to allow the height adjustment required. 


The 40 Watt version employed a number of interchangeable legs to be fitted, each designed to accommodate the associated lens. 


Precision tooling and tight tolerances were used to ensure the parts had good clearance and fit and high grade finishes and materials were sourced to create a high quality, aesthetically pleasing luminaire.

This product continues to be a premium seller in the Digilin Range.

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