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Strategic Lighting

The range of high efficiency luminaires with adjustable lenses and specialized materials.  These fittings are ideal for tough environments needing a durable & high output lighting solution, with an IP66 rating.


Market and Product Research

Concept Development

CAD and Engineering

Prototyping and Testing

Materials Selection



Strategic Lighting



The Objective

Produce a high powered waterproof and chemically resistant luminaire suitable for commercial applications. The fitting is to employ highly efficient reflectors and rotating lens assemblies to enable the absolute control of the emitted light.

The Solution

A waterproof fitting (IP66) was developed that can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% when used to replace existing systems.  It uses highly engineered plastics and materials suitable for clean rooms and wash down environments and has also been utilised in some mining applications.  


Short seal technology, (invented by Scot Farley in 1999) has been employed to provide the fittings integrity and despite the dynamic seals in the rotating lenses the product has been tested and specified to IP66. 


The colour rendering of the lamp technology and the control offered by the rotating lens assemblies allows the fitting to convert stark workspaces into warm and inviting environments far more conducive to human habitation and always well received by the workers in these environments.

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