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Just like a normal bucket (but better), the Strucket makes soaking simple and easy.


Market, Product and Patent Research

Patent Strategy

Invent Locking and Drainage Mechanism

Concept Development

Product Design

CAD and Engineering


Materials Selection

Manufacturing Drawings






The Objective

Design a strainer that was enclosed within a bucket.  The strainer was to have a mechanism that retained it at an elevated position within the bucket to allow the contents of the strainer to drain into the bucket and be partially dry when handled further.  This was to eliminate the need to immerse the users hands in the contaminated soaking water.


The Solution

An outer bucket was designed with an inner strainer to fit snugly within it.  A magnetised toggle system was Invented by F3 to allow the strainer to lock into an elevated position above the bucket and drain water from the strainer back into the bucket.  The toggles were initially held closed by magnets and then automatically released once the strainer was dropped into the bucket so they were ready to be engaged again. 


Given that the Strucket was to be used in the confined areas of a sink, a unique sliding drain was invented by F3 to allow for a streamlined drainage system that flushed the dirty water down the sink.


The product successfully filled a hole in the market that allowed the user to soak dirty items of clothing, food or parts and then strain the contaminated water off them and drain the bucket without the need to get their hands wet or dirty.

This product was the winner of an Australian Design Award in 2019

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